Expectations of Student Conduct

Florida State College at Jacksonville is dedicated to maintaining an environment that fosters student success.
The College endeavors to protect the rights of students and also expects all students to act responsibly.


Attendance at Florida State College at Jacksonville is a privilege, and in order to maintain our ideals of scholarship,
character and personality, the right is reserved by Florida State College at Jacksonville to establish rules and
 regulations to foster these ideals and protect the interests of the College. Each student is subject to federal
and state laws, respective county and municipal ordinances, and all rules and regulations of Florida State College at Jacksonville.


Violations of published laws, ordinances, or rules and regulations may subject the violator to appropriate
 disciplinary action by College authorities.


Disciplinary action, unless otherwise provided by law, may include fines, the withholding of diplomas
or transcripts pending compliance with rules or payments of fines and the imposition of probation,
 suspension or dismissal. Students shall be afforded due process as defined in District Board of Trustees Rule 6Hx7-2.18
 prior to the administration of disciplinary action for violation of this rule.


Any act or behavior on the part of the student that tends to impair, interfere with, or otherwise disturb or obstruct
the orderly conduct, processes, functions and/or interests of Florida State College at Jacksonville is expressly prohibited.
Such acts or behavior may include, but are not limited to, the following:


A.    Consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus or at a College function. 

B.    Illegal use or possession of illegal drugs or narcotics.

C.   Cheating in any form.

D.   The use of indecent or abusive language.

E.    Gambling.

F.    Hazing as defined in Chapter 240.326 of the Florida Statutes.

G.   Vandalism or destruction of property.

H.   Falsification of records.

I.      Unauthorized use of the College name.

J.     Lewd or indecent conduct or attire.

K.    Violence against any member or guest of the College community.

L.    Theft or willful destruction of College property or of the property of members of the College.

M.   Interference with the freedom of movement of any member or guest of the College.

N.   Obstruction of the normal processes and activities of the College community.

O.   Deliberate interference with the rights of others.

P.    Violation of federal or state law, or county or city ordinance.

Q.   Repeated offenses of a less serious nature.

R.   Sexual harassment or assault.

S.    Accessing, altering or deleting College computer files/systems.

T.    Stalking (to repeatedly follow another person so as to put that person in fear for his/her safety).

U.   Violation of the Computing Facilities Use Agreement.

V.    Any other offense reasonably deemed to be contrary to the best interests of Florida State College at Jacksonville.