DC 2003 Text Cover

The Conference 2004

Course Technology’s National Conference 2004

San Antonia, Texas
March 24-26, 2004
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Stage for Merlin to Appear
Magic Man of Numbers
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Magic Character Game
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Magic Games (HTML)

Magic Secrets (HTML)
The Computing Cycle (broken link)

Bit Setting:
Image Map: Bit Switches
JavaScript: Bit Switches (broken link)
Binary Number Counter

Bit Setting:
Image Map:Keyboard Pressed
JavaScript: Keyboard Pressed (broken link)
Action Editor: Keyboard Pressed

Neuron Download:
version Neuron 2004

Magic Numbers (Neuron)
Magic Character (Neuron)
My Secrets (Neuron)

Magic Numbers: Alternative Active Learning
Activity to Introduce Computers

   The presenter will demonstrate a set of three programs that introduce computer concepts in required computer and educational technology courses. In addition to demonstrating these programs during the first week of an introductory class, active learning application exercises vividly demonstrate the topics of the binary number system; bits and bytes, the difference between kilo, mega, and giga bytes; ASCII, EBCDIC and ANSI popular coding schemes.
The online keyboard simulation displays the ANSI and ASCII bit setting for every character key pressed on the keyboard. In addition to Chapter 1, the programs integrate with Chapters 4 and 13 of the Discovering Computers 2004 text. Online homework HTML forms are also available for student input to the instructor. These active learning games and simulations are written for online deployment in both Click2Learn's Toolbook (now SumTotal Systems) and in simple HTML/JavaScript code. Links to all web pages may be accessed through the menu:


and are free to use in the classroom. The conference power point available on the conference CD may also be viewed on line at:


Or download/play actual power point from the web:


John Taylor, Professor, Computer Science Retired   johtaylo@fscj.edu
Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, Florida
Currently Employed: Florida State College at Jacksonville

Homework and Videos:                                   

The Altair
The First Microcomputer 1974
  • Your Number Homework Assignment (broken link)
  • Interactive Binary Number Homework (broken link)

  • Your Letter Homework Assignment (broken link)
  • Interactive Binary Name Homework
  • (broken link)

  • Video: First Microcomputer-1974 (broken link)
  • Video: First Mainframes and Nerds Quest for Microcomputers (broken link)
  • Video: The Microprocessor
  • (broken link)