Chapter 3 Section 3.5 Guideline #3 Tasks #11 & #12 Study Guide

For tasks #11 & #12, Inorganic Compounds, we randomly mix the compounds from Guidelines 1, 2, 3, &5. And call these exercises  Inorganic Names and Formulas Exercises:

The key to deciding which system to use is to look at the element written first

And classify the compound:

if Metallic then ionic:  Ca3(PO4)2  Calcium phosphate
if nonmetal then molecular:   CO2  Carbon Dioxide
if hydrogen & (aq) then acid  HNO3  Nitric Acid

a. Ionic*(Binary or Ternary) :  Metallic Cation + Nonmetallic Anion  
Molecular (Binary):  Nonmetal-Nonmetal bonded by covalent bonds
Acids (aq) (Binary or Ternary):   Hydrogen + Nonmetallic anion
 (in aqueous solution)


Task #11: Inorganic Compound Names

Task #12: Inorganic Compound Formulas









Inorganic Compound Examples:
Using a periodic chart write the names or formulas of the following polyatomic ions depending on whether the formula or name is given (After answer is the classification of the inorganic compound):

 1.  H2CO3 (aq) ___________Carbonic Acid_______ (Ternary acid)  (soda Pop)

 2.   MgSO4       ___________Magnesium sulfate___ (Ternary ionic-Salt)
                                                (Common Name Guideline 4: Epson Salts)

 3.   Ca3(PO3)2  ___________Calcium phosphite____ (Ternary ionic-Salt)
                                                 (Main ions in bones)

 4.   HClO3 (aq)  __________Chloric acid__________ (Ternary acid)

 5.   SO3           ___________Sulfur trioxide________(Binary Molecular)
not sulfite! Why?)

 6.   Fe2O3             ___________Iron III oxide_________ (Binary ionic - Salt)
                                                (Common Name Guideline 4: rust)

 7.  HF              ___________Hydrofluoric acid______ (Binary Acid)

 8.    Aluminum Hydroxide      __ ___Al(OH)3________(Ternary ionic -salt)
                                              (Common Name Guideline 4: antacid Maalox)

 9.   Ammonium chloride        _______NH4Cl________(Ternary ionic - salt)

10.   Sodium Hypochlorite       ______NaClO________ (Ternary ionic-salt)
                                               (Common Name Guideline 4: Bleach)

11.   Nitrogen dioxide              ______NO2__________(Binary molecular)

 12.  Potassium Chloride          ______KCl__________(Binary ionic-Salt)

 13.  Sulfuric acid (aq)              ______H2SO4________  (Ternary acid)

14.   Sodium Hydroxide           ______NaOH_______ _ (Ternary Salt [base])

15.  Hydrochloric acid(aq)        ______HCl_________  (Binary Acid)