Taylor’s 10 Step Summary



Step 1: Rewrite the equation ionically(Jes4.8):


Step 2: Acid, Basic, or Neutral media?


Step 3: Write Half Equations (Jespersen 5.2 Pages 220-=5)


Step 4: Balance oxidizer and reducer Atoms


Step 5: Balance Oxygen by adding H2O(acid)


Step 6:  Balance Hydrogen by H+ Ion (acid)


Step 7:  Charge Balance the ˝ Equations!


Step 8: Make electron gain = electron loss


Step 9: Combine the ˝ equations


Step 10: Balance the Molecular Equation:



---------Basic Media------Taylor’s Method-----


Basic Media Step #5: 

      Balance Oxygen by adding OH1- Ion:


Basic Media Step #6: 

      Balance Hydrogen by adding both

     OH1- Ion and H2O Molecule





Jespersen andMany other books teach you treat anbasic media as acid, then add step 9.5:


Basic Media Step # 9˝: Change Final H1+ to OH1-