CHM1025C Module One: Sample Exam Homework


Part D1: Chemical/Physical/Nuclear Properties (Section 3.6)  5 points

1. Define: Physical Property:



2. Chemical Property:



3. Classify each of the following as a chemical or physical property:


a.      Color  _________________


b.      Odor  _________________


c.       Reaction with water:  ____________________


d.      Solubility in water:      ____________________


e.      Melting point:             ____________________


f.        Boiling point:              ____________________


g.      Sublimation Point:      ____________________


h.      Reaction with oxygen  ____________________


i.        Density:       ____________________


j.        Solid state:  ___________________


k.       Reaction producing a Gas:  _____________________


l.        Conductor of electricity:       _____________________


m.     Water is insoluble in gasoline: _____________________


n.      Good conductor of heat:  _____________________


o.      Two chemical when mixed gives of heat: ___________________


p.      Appearance at Room Temperature:  ___________________


q.      An element turns black when heated ___________________


r.        Silver tarnishes in Air ____________________


s.       An element is radioactive: ________________