CHM1025C Module One: Sample Exam Homework

Part D: Chemical/Physical/Nuclear Change 5 points

State whether each of the following is a physical change, a chemical change, or a nuclear change:


__________________1. Electricity decomposes water.



__________________ 2. Methanol dissolves in gasoline



__________________ 3. Dry ice pellets disappear



__________________ 4. Iron oxidizes to rust



__________________ 5. Bromine vaporizes into a reddish-brown gas



__________________ 6. Uranium-235 splits into two small elements when bombarded

with neutrons in an atomic bomb.


___________________7. Copper conducts heat



___________________8. Baking soda fizzes in vinegar



___________________9. Grinding sugar crystals into a powder



__________________10. Sodium reacts with chlorine gas



__________________11. Adding air to a tire



__________________12. Slicing an orange into wedges



__________________13. Hydrogen atoms fuse into helium atoms in a hydrogen bomb



__________________14. Dry ice(Solid Carbon dioxide) vaporizes into a gas at room

temperature and sea level pressure


__________________15. Natural Gas burs with a blue flame