Pathway 2: Chapter 10: Acids and Bases in Our Environment

1.   Read Chapter 10 Acids and Bases in Our Environment

2.       View the Power Point for Chapter 10 under Blackboard’s Course Content


3.       During the your viewing of Chapter 10 Power Point watch the online videos for Chapter 7 as directed (the following links are also in the power point):

Chapter 10: Acids and Bases
10.1 Acids Donate Protons and Bases Accept Them (Four videos)
        a. Chapter Introduction: Acids and Bases  Video #C1001a  1:35 Minutes
Mobile Link:

       b. Defining Acids and Bases (Part 1)  Video #C1001b  8:39 Minutes
Mobile Link:
Acid/Base Is a Behavior (Part 2)  Video #C1001c  7:23 Minutes
Mobile Link:
     d. Salts and Neutralization Reactions  Video #C1001d  13:04 Minutes
Mobile Link:

10.2 Some Acids and Bases Are Stronger Than Others  (Two Videos)

       a.  Strong Acids Form Lots of Ions  Video #C1002a  5:36 Minutes
Mobile Link:
      b. Weak Acids Form Few Ions  Video #C1002b  4:19 Minutes

10.3 Solutions Can Be Acidic, Basic, or Neutral  (Four Videos)

        a. Weak Acids Form Few Ions   Video #C1003a  5:56 Minutes
Mobile Link:

      b. pH and Logarithms   Video # C1003b  6:04 Minutes
Mobile Link:
      c. The pH Scale and Meter   Video #C1003c  5:11 Minutes

          Mobile Link:
      d. KM: Red Cabbage   Video #C1003d   3:24Minutes
Mobile Link:

10.4 Buffer Solutions Resist Changes in pH  (Two Videos)
Buffers Resist Changes in pH  Video #1004a  6:23 Minutes
Mobile Link:

       b. Buffering Systems in Our Bodies  Video #1004b  5:07 Minutes
Mobile Link:

10.5 Rainwater Is Acidic  (Two Videos)

       a. Acid Rains and Basic Oceans  Video #1005a  8:34 Minutes
Mobile Link:
        b. KM: Removing Eggshell  Video #C1005b  2:36 Minutes

            Mobile link:

10.6 Carbon Dioxide Acidifies the Oceans  (Two Videos)
Global Cycles of Carbon Dioxide   Video #1006a  5:38 Minutes
Mobile Link:

       b. KM: Beach Sand   Video #1006b  4:05 Minutes
Mobile Link:


4.        Complete Online exams/tests under Blackboard’s Course Content ~ 15 points

a.       Video Chapter 10 Multiple Choice Exams

b.      Chapter Quizzes Chapter 10

c.       Chapter 10 Vocabulary Quiz (Fill-in-the-Blank)


5.       Complete the following additional Exercises on Web Site:

A. Project  TBA  (5 points)(Optional)


B.  (Optional) Additional PBS Video (28:30 Minutes Each)

Go to PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episode #12:

                16. The Proton in Chemistry
                 Demonstrations explain pH and how it is measured, and the important role of acids and bases