Pathway 2: Chapter 13: Nutrients of Life

1.   Read Chapter 13 Nutrients of Life

2.       View the Power Point for Chapter 13 under Blackboard’s Course Content

3.       During the your viewing of Chapter 8 Power Point watch the online videos for Chapter 8 as directed (the following links are also in the power point):

               Chapter 13: Nutrients of Life
               13.1 Biomolecules Are Produced and Utilized by Organisms
Biomolecules  Video # C1301a   1:31 Minutes
Mobile Link:

               13.2 Carbohydrates Give Structure and Energy

                       a.  Carbohydrates  Video #C1302a  5:02 Minutes

                             Mobile Link:

               13.3 Lipids Are Insoluble in Water
Lipids  Video #C1303a  5:19 Minutes
Mobile Link:

              13.4 Proteins Are Polymers of Amino Acids (Two Videos)

                      a. Proteins, Part 1  Video #C1304a  4:26 Minutes
Mobile Link:

                       b. Proteins, Part 2  Video #C1304b  4:49 Minutes
Mobile Link:

              13.5 Nucleic Acids Code for Proteins  (Four Videos)

                       a. Nucleic Acids, Structure  Video C1305a   5:16 Minutes

                            Mobile Link:

                        b. Nucleic Acids, Function  Video # C1305b  5:52 Minutes

                             Mobile Link:

                        c.  Nucleic Acids, Gene to Protein  Video #C1305c  9:18 Minutes
Mobile Link:

                        d.  Nucleic Acids, Genetic Engineering  Video #C1305d  6:48 Minutes
Mobile Link:

              13.6 Vitamins Are Organic, Minerals Are Inorganic

                         a. Vitamins and Minerals  Video #C1306a  5:06 Minutes

                              Mobile Link:

              13.7 Metabolism Is the Cycling of Biomolecules Through the Body

                         a.  Metabolism  Video #C1307a   3:18 Minutes
Mobile Link:

              13.8 The Food Pyramid Summarizes a Healthful Diet

                       a. A Healthy Diet  Video #C1308a  6:56 Minutes

                           Mobile Link:


       4.  Complete Online exams/tests under Blackboard’s Course Content ~ 15 points

a.       Video Chapter 13 Multiple Choice Exams

b.      Chapter Quizzes Chapter 13

c.       Chapter 13 Vocabulary Quiz (Fill-in-the-Blank)


5.       Complete the following additional Exercises on Web Site:

 Complete  Projects:

A. Project #18. Diet Analysis (Chapter 13)(5 points)(Optional)
      a. Project #18 Diet Analysis Assignment
      b. Project #18 Data Record for One Day(Normal) (Not Available 6/30/16)
      c. Project #18 Data Record for One Day (Abnormal)(Not Available 6/30/16)
      b. Project #18 Sample One Day Analysis Spreadsheet (Not Available 6/30/16)


B. Project #23. Dr. Day's Cancer/Aids Cure (Chapters 13/14)(5 points) (Optional)
     a. Video Assignment
     b. Norwalk Juicers

C.  (Optional) Additional PBS Video (28:30 Minutes Each)

Go to PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episodes #23 & 24:

                23. Proteins: Structure and Function
               The program examines proteins — polymers built from only 20 basic amino acids.


            24. The Genetic Code

                The structure and role of the nucleic acids, DNA and RNA, are investigated