Pathway 2: Chapter 14: Medicinal Chemistry

1.   Read Chapter 14 Medicinal Chemistry

2.       View the Power Point for Chapter 14 under Blackboard’s Course Content

3.       During the your viewing of Chapter 14 Power Point watch the online videos for Chapter 8 as directed (the following links are also in the power point):

               Chapter 14: Medicinal Chemistry
              14.1 Medicines Are Drugs That Benefit the Body

                   Introduction to Drugs   Video #C1401a  4:21 Minutes

                        Mobile Link:

              14.2 The Lock-and-Key Model Guides the Synthesis New Medicines

                       The Lock-and-Key Model    Video #C1402a   8:54 Minutes
Mobile Link:

              14.3 Chemotherapy Cures the Host by Killing the Disease

                       Chemotherapy    Video #C1403a   8:16 Minutes
Mobile link:

              14.4 The Nervous System Is a  Network of Neurons

                       The Nervous System   Video #C1404a    6:37 Minutes

                        Mobile link:

              14.5 Psychoactive Drugs Alter the Mind  or Behavior (Three Videos)
Stimulants    Video #C1405a    7:15 Minutes
Mobile link:

                        b. Cocaine    Video #C1405b  4:32 Minutes
Mobile Link:

                        c. Dependence and Depressants  Video #C1405c  6:15 Minutes
Mobile Link:

              14.6 Pain Relievers Inhibit the Transmission or Perception of Pain (Two Videos)

                       a. Anesthetics  Video #C1406a  4:35 Minutes
Mobile Link:

                       b. Analgesics  Video #C1406b   5:18 Minutes
Mobile Link:

              14.7 Medicines for the Heart
                        John Suchoski has no tutorial video on Heart Medications for section 14.7 but
                         the following online videos may help you understand heart disease:


                          Heart Medications on Videos on the web:

                    1. Cardiac Drugs Quick and Dirty Summary - YouTube                                                       
                UTube 6:17 Minutes

Cardiovascular Medications - YouTube
               UTube 101:37 Minutes

NCLEX Review Cardiac Drugs and NCLEX Pharmacology - YouTube
                      Utube 8:07 Minutes

                    4. Khan Academy Heart disease and heart attacks | Miscellaneous | Khan Academy
                         UTube 12:30 Minutes

                         5. WebMD Six Symptoms/ Six Habits for Better Cholestrol (not Video)


       4.  Complete Online exams/tests under Blackboard’s Course Content ~ 15 points

a.       Video Chapter 14 Multiple Choice Exams

b.      Chapter Quizzes Chapter 14

c.       Chapter 14 Vocabulary Quiz (Fill-in-the-Blank)


5.       Complete the following additional Exercises on Web Site:

A. Complete the following optional project 

Project # 19. A Prescription Drug Analyzed (Chapter 14)(5 points)(Optional)
 a. Project #19 Prescription Drug Analysis Assignment---Download WORD .doc file

B.  (Optional) Additional PBS Video (28:30 Minutes Each)

Go to PBS World of Chemistry Video
No Chapter 14 videos