Pathway 2: Chapter 15: Optimizing Food Production

1.   Read Chapter 15 Optimizing Food Production

2.       View the Power Point for Chapter 15 under Blackboard’s Course Content


3.       During the your viewing of Chapter 15 Power Point watch any applicahle online videos for Chapter 15 as directed (the following links are also in the power point):

Chapter 15 Optimizing Food Production

(no Videos Available)
15.1 Humans Eat at All Trophic Levels
15.2 Plants Require Nutrients
15.3 Soil Fertility Is Determined by Soil Structure  and Nutrient Retention
15.4 Natural and Synthetic Fertilizers Help Restore Soil Fertility
15.5 Pesticides Kill Insects, Weeds, and Fungi
15.6 There Is Much to Learn from Past Agricultural Practices
15.7 High Agricultural Yields Can Be Sustained with Proper Practices


4.        Complete Online exams/tests under Blackboard’s Course Content ~ 15 points

a.       Reading Chapter 15 Section Multiple Choice Exams

b.      No Chapter 15 Quizzes

c.       Chapter 15 Vocabulary Quiz (Fill-in-the-Blank)


5.       Complete the following additional Exercises on Web Site:

A. TBA  (5 points)(Optional)

B.  (Optional) Additional PBS Video (28:30 Minutes Each)

Go to PBS World of Chemistry Video
No Applicable Equivalent Chapter 15 video