Pathway 2: Chapter 16: Protecting Water and Air Resources

1.   Read Chapter 16 Protecting Water and Air Resources

2.       View the Power Point for Chapter 16 under Blackboard’s Course Content


3.       During the your viewing of Chapter 16 Power Point watch the online videos for Chapter 16 as directed (the following links are also in the power point):

Chapter 16 Protecting Water and Air Resources

(only 2 Videos Available 16.5 & 16.6)
16.1 Water on the Move
16.2 Collectively, We Consume Huge
       Amounts of Water
16.3 Human Activities Can Pollute Water
16.4 Wastewater Treatment
16.5 The Earths Atmosphere Is a Mixture of Gases (2 Videos)
      a. The Earth’s Atmosphere  Video #C1605a 5:02 Minutes
Mobile Link:

      b. Our Atmosphere's Structure  Video #C1605b  5:27 Minutes

          Mobile Link:
16.6 Human Activities Have Increased  Air Pollution

         Our Atmosphere's Composition   Video #1606a  6:42 Minutes
Mobile Link:
16.7 Carbon Dioxide Helps Keep the Earth Warm


4.        Complete Online exams/tests under Blackboard’s Course Content ~ 15 points

a.       Reading Chapter 16 Section Multiple Choice Exams

b.      Video Quizzes Sections 16.6 & 16.7

c.       No End of Chapter 16 Quiz

d.      Chapter 16 Vocabulary Quiz (Fill-in-the-Blank)


5.       Complete the following additional Exercises on Web Site:

A. TBA  (5 points)(Optional)

B.  (Optional) Additional PBS Video (28:30 Minutes Each)

Go to PBS World of Chemistry Video
17. The Precious Envelope
The earth's atmosphere is examined through theories of chemical evolution; ozone depletion and the greenhouse effect are explained

                 25. Chemistry and the Environment
                Dump site waste management demonstrates chemistry's benefits and problems.