Pathway 2: Chapter 2

1.   Read Chapter 2 Particles of Matter

2.      View the Modified  Power Point for Chapter 2 under Blackboard’s Course Content
  During Spring Term 2017, John Suchocki did a modification to chapter 2 Videos, he added the missing video for Section 2.1
New videos have been add as indicated below.

             The new videos are not embedded into Path 1 Mastering Program this term. Path 1 students may take path 2 or path 3 video quizzes for extra credit for those videos not included in Mastering Chemistry.



3.       During the your viewing of Chapter 2 Power Point watch the online videos for Chapter 2 as directed (the following links are also in the power point):

Chapter 2: Particles of Matter
2.1 The Submicroscopic World Is Super-Small (one Video)
New Video: How Small is the Atom?  (4:57 Minutes)

Take Video Quiz 2.1 in Blackboard’s Course Content (unlimited attempts)
                                        or Conceptual Academy  (one attempt)

2.2 Discovering the Atom

      KM: Air Out CO#202a  (5:18 minutes) (Optional)
2.3 Mass Is How  Much and Volume Is How  Spacious (Three videos)

        a.   Distinguishing Mass, Weight, and Volume CO#203a (10:19 minutes)

        b.   KM: Penny Fingers   CO@303b (2:56 Minutes)

        c.    KM: Decisive Dimensions CO#203c (2:41 minutes)
2.4 Density Is the Ratio of Mass to Volume

         Ways to Think About Density  CO#204a (8:06 minutes)
2.5 Energy Is the Mover of Matter CO#205a (8:38 minutes)
2.6 Temperature Is a Measure of How Hot- -

      a.  Temperature Measures Average Kinetic Energy Heat It Is Not
CO#206a (1:40 Minutes)

b.    Thermometers Measure Temperature CO#206b (6:06 minutes)

c.     The Tailor of Celsius!  CO#206c (8:18 Minutes)

d.    Heat Flows From a High to Low Temperature
CO#206d (3:57 Minutes)

2.7 The Phase of a Material Depends   on the Motion of Its Particles (Four Videos)

a.       Phase Depends on Motion CO#207a (4:00 Minutes)

b.        Organizing Phase Change Terms CO#207b (5:19 minutes)

c.        Phase Change Demo CO#207c (9:20 minutes)

d.        KM Odors CO#207d (2:09 Minutes) (optional)

2.8   Gas Laws Describe the Behavior of Gases (two videos)
Ideal Gas Laws CO#208a (8:57 minutes)
KM Collecting Bubbles CO#208b (4:53 minutes) (optional)

2.9   Extra Required Videos on Web Site:
a. Can you boil water while you are freezing it? Watch
     Triple Point (U-Tube Video)

b. Compare Suchocki’s Phase Diagram and the following video:

     Phase Diagram (.mp4 video file)

     Or try with Real Video Plug in for your browser
    Phase Diagram (Real Video .rm file)

c. Boyles Law:

d. Charles Law: (Real Video .rm file)

 Or try with Real Video Plug in for your browser
 Charles Law: (Real Video .rm file) 


4.       Complete Online exams/tests under Blackboard’s Course Content – 25 points

a.       Video Quizzes

b.       Chapter 2 Multiple Choice Exams

c.       Chapter 2 Vocabulary Quiz (Fill-in-the-Blank)


5.       (Optional) Additional PBS Videos

Go to

PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episodes (all 26 video links are on this web page):
4:  Modeling the Unseen
Models are used to explain phenomena that are beyond the realm of ordinary perception
A Matter of State
Matter is examined in its three principal states — gases, liquids, and solids — relating the visible world to the submicroscopic.