Pathway 2: Chapter 4: Subatomic Particles

1.       Read Chapter 4 Subatomic Particles

2.       View the Power Point for Chapter 4 under Blackboard’s Course Content

3.       During the your viewing of Chapter 4 Power Point watch the online videos for Chapter 4 as directed (the following links are also in the power point):

Chapter 4: Subatomic Particles
4.1 Physical and Conceptual Models (two videos on this web page)
Physical and Conceptual Models  Video #CO#401Na (8:01 Minutes)
Graphic Depiction of the Atom  Video #CO401Nb(4:20 Minutes)
4.2 The Electron Was the First Subatomic Particle Discovered (two videos on this web page)
The Cathode Ray Tube Video #CO402Na (7:04 Minutes)
The Oil Drop Experiment  Video #CO402Nb (6:33 Minutes)
4.3 The Mass of an Atom Is Concentrated in its Nucleus (two videos on this web page)
Discovery of the Atomic Nucleus  Video #CO403Na (5:33 Minutes)

      b. Atoms are Spacious  Video #CO403Nb (4:37 Minutes)
4.4 The Atomic Nucleus Is Made of Protons and Neutrons (two videos on this web page)
Organizing Subatomic Particles Video #CO404Na (10:56 Minutes)
Atomic Mass  Video #404Nb (8:58 Minutes)
4.5 Light Is a Form of Energy (Three Videos on this web page)

      a. Electromagnetic Energy  Video #CO405Na (6:30 Minutes)
Electromagnetic Spectrum  Video # CO405Nb (7:34 Minutes)

      c, What is White and What is Black? Video #CO405Nc (5:41 Minutes)
4.6 Atomic Spectra and the Quantum Hypothesis (4 Videos on this Web Page)
.  Element Finger Prints  Video CO#406Na (5:45 Minutes)
KM Fireworks in Waikiki  Video #CO406Nb (6:14 Minutes)
      c.  Neil Bohr’s Planetary Model  Video #CO406Nc (5:30 Minutes)

      d. Bohr’s Explanation of the Planetary Model  Video #CO406Nc (5:06 minutes)
4.7 Electrons Exhibit Wave Properties (five videos on this web page)
Wave Mechanics  Video #CO407Na (7:44 Minutes)
Formation of Standing Waves  Video #CO407Nb (7:42 Minutes)
The 3-D waves of Electrons  Video #CO407Nc (8:56 Minutes)
Energy Level Diagrams  Video #CO407Nd (7:14 Minutes)
Electron Configurations  Video #CO407Ne (4:25 Minutes)
4.8 The Noble Gas Shell Model Simplifies  the Energy-Level Diagram (one Video)
The Nobel Gas Model  Video #CO408Na (7:56 Minutes)
4.9 The Periodic Table Helps Us Predict (Three videos on this web site)

       a. Periodic Trends  Video #CO409NJa (7:07 Minutes)
Atomic Size  Video #CO409Nb (7:10 Minutes)

       c. Ionization Energy  Video #CO409Nc (6:55 Minutes) 

    Properties of Elements Complete Online exams/tests under Blackboard’s Course Content ~ 25 points

a.       Video Chapter 4 Multiple Choice Exams (9 Sections 9 quizzes)

b.      Chapter Quizzes Chapter 4

c.       Chapter 4 Vocabulary Quiz (Fill-in-the-Blank)

4.       Complete the following additional Exercises on Web Site:

a.       Atomic Orbitals Movie (.wmv file)(Large Download)(10:00 Minutes): 

5.       Complete the Optional  Project#6:   About Electron Configuration (Chapter 4)(5 points)

6.       (Optional) Additional PBS Videos (28:30 Minutes Each)

Go to

PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episodes (all 26 video links are on this web page):
#6 The Atom
Viewers journey inside the atom to appreciate its architectural beauty and grasp how atomic structure determines chemical behavior.