Pathway 2: Chapter 5: The Atomic Nucleus

1.   Read Chapter 5 The Atomic Nucleus

2.       View the Modified Power Point for Chapter 5 under Blackboard’s Course Content

3.       During the your viewing of Chapter 5 Power Point watch the online videos for Chapter 5 as directed (the following links are also in the power point):

Chapter 5: The Atomic Nucleus
5.1 Radioactivity--the Disintegration of the Atomic Nucleus (four videos)
      a. Chapter Intro  Video #CO501Na (2:10 Minutes)
      b. The Discovery of Radioactivity  Video #CO501Nb (4:37 Minutes)
      c, Three Different Types of Radioactivity  Video #CO501JNc  (4:28 Minutes)
      d. Penetrating Power of Radioactivity  Video #CO501Nd (2:54 Minutes)
5.2 Radioactivity Is a Natural Phenomenon (Two videos)
      a. Radiation Occurs Naturally  Video #CO502Na  (9:22 Minutes)
      b. Field Trip to Underground Aquifer  Video #CO502Nb (4:20 Minutes)
5.3 Radioactivity Results from an Imbalance of Forces (Four Videos)
      a. How the Nucleus Is Held Together  Video #CO503Na (4:11 Minutes)
      b. Neutrons Need Protons  Video #CO503Nb (4:16 Minutes)

      c. Size of the Nucleus Is Limited  Video #CO503Nc (2:55 Minutes)
     d. A Friend Asked Me Once  Video #CO503Nd (2:28 Minutes)
5.4 Radioactive Elements Transmute to Different Elements (One Video)

     a. Transmutation of Elements  Video #CO504Na (5:10 Minutes)
5.5 The Shorter the Half-Life, the Greater  the Radioactivity (Two Videos)
     a.. Half Life is a Measure of Radioactivity  Video #CO505Na (6:05 Minutes)
     b. KM Radioactive Particles  Video #CO505Nb (2:45 Minutes)
5.6 Isotopic Dating Measures the Ages of Materials (One Video)
    a. Radioactive Dating  Video #CO506Na (5:03 Minutes)
5.7 Nuclear Fission--The Splitting of Atomic Nuclei (Three Videos)
    a. Nuclear Fission  Video #CO507Na (9:59 Minutes)
     b. Nuclear Fission for Electricity  Video #CO507Nb (4:43 Minutes)
     c, Benefits and Risks of Fission Power  Video #CO507Nc (3:40 Minutes)
5.8 The Mass-Energy Relationship: E = mc2 (Two Videos)
     a. Matter and Energy are Convertible  Video #CO508Na (9:27 Minutes)
     b. A Nucleon’s Mass Depends on Location  Video #CO508Nb (3:20 Minutes)
5.9 Nuclear Fusion--The Combining of   Atomic Nuclei (Three Videos)
     a. Fusion: The Combining of Nucleus  Video #CO509Na (3:30 Minutes)
     b. Thermonuclear Fusion  Video #CO509Nb (5:43 Minutes)
     c. Fusion for Peaceful Purposes Video #CO509Nb (3:41 Minutes)


Properties of Elements Complete Online exams/tests under Blackboard’s Course Content ~ 25 points

a.       Video Chapter 5 Multiple Choice Exams

b.      Chapter Quizzes Chapter 5

c.       Chapter 5 Vocabulary Quiz (Fill-in-the-Blank)


4.       Complete the following additional Exercises on Web Site:


5.       Begin Project #7: 7. About Electricity from Nuclear Power Plants
(Chapter 5&17) (10 points)(Optional)
Download Word .doc file

Begin Project # 22. What If Video Assignment: NatGeo - Electronic Armageddon
     (Chapter 5 Section 5.9; Chapter 17 Section 17.3)(5 points)(Optional)
      Download WORD .doc File: ElectronicArmageddonProject22.doc


6.       (Optional) Additional PBS Videos (28:30 Minutes Each)

Go to

PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episodes (all 26 video links are on this web page):
(none on Nuclear Chemistry)