Chapter 5: The Atomic Nucleus Grading Outline
Part A: Natural Radioactivity
Part B: Nuclear Particles
Part C: Nuclear Reactions
Part D: Half Life
Part E: Induced Radioactivity
Part F: Nuclear Fission
Part G: Nuclear Fusion
Part H: Isotope Dating of Materials
Part V: Chapter 5 Vocabulary p154

Part M: Chapter 5 Multiple Choice (Blackboard - Course Content
-Required Path 2 MC Quizzes Chapter 5)

Part Z: Conceptual Chemistry Spotlight: Flacking for Shale Gas p159-161


Chapter 5: The Atomic Nucleus Video Links
5.1 Radioactivity--the Disintegration
      of the Atomic Nucleus
5.2 Radioactivity Is a Natural Phenomenon
5.3 Radioactivity Results from an Imbalance
     of Forces
5.4 Radioactive Elements Transmute to
     Different Elements
5.5 The Shorter the Half-Life, the Greater
      the Radioactivity
5.6 Isotopic Dating Measures the
     Ages of Materials
5.7 Nuclear Fission--The Splitting
     of Atomic Nuclei
5.8 The Mass-Energy Relationship: E = mc2
5.9 Nuclear Fusion--The Combining of
      Atomic Nuclei