Chapter 6: How Atoms Bond Grading Outline

Part A: Dot Structures Atoms Answers
Part B:
Ionic Character Answers
Part C:
Bond Recognition Answers
Part D:
Dot Structures of Molecules Answers
Part E:
Bond Angles (Octet Rule-Steric Numbers 2-3-4 Answers
Part F:
Molecular Geometry (Octet Rule) Steric Numbers 2-3-4 Answers
Part G: Polarity(Octet Rules) Steric Numbers 2-3-4
Part H:
Polar/Nonpolar Molecules (Octet Rules) Steric Numbers 2-3-4 Answers
Part V: Chapter 6 Vocabulary p187 Answers

Part M: Chapter 6 Multiple Choice (Blackboard - Course Content
-Required Path 2 MC Quizzes Chapter 6)

Part Z: Conceptual Chemistry Spotlight: Toxic Wastes and Superfund Act 193-194


Chapter 6: How Atoms Bond Video Menu
6.1 Electron-Dot Structures
6.2 Atoms Can Lose or Gain Electrons to
     Become Ions
6.3 Ionic Bonds Result from a Transfer
      of Electrons
6.4 The Electrons of Metallic Bonds
      Are Loosely Held
6.5 Covalent Bonds Result from a
     Sharing of Electrons
6.6 Valence Electrons Determine Molecular Shape
6.7 Polar Covalent Bonds--Uneven Sharing
     of Electrons
6.8 Molecular Polarity--Uneven Distribution
     of Electrons