Pathway 4: Chapter 7 Grading Outline

Part A:  Properties of Solutions  Answers
Part B:  Dissolving Process
Part B1:
Factors Affecting Rate of Dissolving Answers
Part C:  
Intermolecular Forces  Answers
Part D:  Units of Concentration of Solutions  Answers 
Part D1:
Solution Preparation Problems Answers
Part V: Chapter 7 Vocabulary


Chapter 7: How Molecules Mix Video Menu
7.1 Four Different Types of Dipole Attractions
7.2 A Solution Is a Single-Phase
      Homogeneous Mixture
7.3 Concentration Is Given As Moles Per Liter
7.4 Solubility Is How Well a Solute Dissolves
7.5 Soap Works by Being Both Polar
     and Nonpolar
7.6 Softening Hard Water
7.7 Purifying the Water We Drink