CHM 1020 Path 4 Chapter 9 Grading Outline

Conceptual Chemistry Chapter 9 Video Links
Chapter 9: How Chemicals React Video Links
9.1 Chemical Reactions Are Represented by Chemical Equations
9.2 Counting Atoms and Molecules By Mass
9.3 Converting Between Grams and Moles
9.4 Chemical Reactions Can Be Exothermic or Endothermic
9.5 Chemical Reactions Are Driven By Entropy
9.6 Chemical Reactions Can Be Slow or Fast
9.7 Catalysts Speed Up the Destruction of Stratospheric Ozone

Chapter 9 Part I: How Chemicals React –(Chemical Equations)Section 9.1

A._Basic Reaction Symbols- Answers

A1.Classifying Chemical Reactions- Answers

B._Balancing Chemical Equations  Answers 

B1.Predicting Single Replacement Products  Answers

B2.Predict Double Replacement  Answers

B3 Neutralization/Gas Forming Reactions  Answers

Chapter 9 Part II: How Chemicals React –(Stoichiometry) Section 9.2

C. Molecular Mass Calculation- Answers

D._Mole Calculations I : Answers

D1.Mole Calculation II  Answers

E._Percentage Composition Calculation- Answers

E1.Empirical Formula Calc. from Lab Data-Answers

E2.Empirical Formula Calc. from % Comp-Answers

Chapter 9 Part III: How Chemicals React -–(Stoichiometry)  Section 9.3

F. Mole-Mole Problems  Answers

F1.Mass-Mass Stoichiometric Problems- Answers

F2.Excess/Limiting Reagent Problems- Answers

F3.Per Cent Yield Problems/Impure Reagents-Answers

Chapter 9 Part III: How Chemicals React – (Thermodyanmics)Section 9.4, 9.5

G.   First Law of Thermodynamics & Related Terms- Answer

G1. Discussion Questions-Chapter 9 Answer

G2. Specific Heat Problem- Answer Sample 2

G3. Enthalpy Change with Phase Change Prob- Answer Sample 2

H.  Enthalpy Change in Chemical Reaction- Answer

H1.  Bond Making/Breaking Problem- Answer

H2.  Introduction to Entropy and Spontaneity


Chapter 9: How Chemicals React  (Chemical Kinetics) Sections 9.6, 9.7
G7.   Rate Law  applied to Collision Model  (lecture) Answer

G 8   Factors forming the rate Constant-  Answer

G9:  Free Radical Mechanism of Halogenation of Alkane (lecture) Answer