Project 11: Electric Car Video Part 2  (Chapter 11):

“The Revenge of the Electric Car?”   (2010/2011) 89:14 Minutes

You Can’t Kill an Idea Whose Time Has Come!”

Scene Selections & Film Notes:  12 Chapters:


Take Notes on Each Chapter.

1.    Introduction










2.    Mr. Detroit

Who is Bob Lutz?






3.    Rocket Man
Who is Nicholas Tesla? Is he the CEO of Tesla Motors?







4.    The Outsider








5.    The Warrior








6.    Free Fall







7.        Crisis of Confidence
Who was Preston Tucker? Side Bar watch the movie: Tucker - The Man and His Dream

Tell the story of Tesla Motors!






8.   The Art of War

Who is Carlos Ghosn of Niasan?






9.   The Long Shadow







10.       Dog Eat Dog








11.       Leap of Faith






12.       Credits


 Great Extra Stuff:


Look at the animation footage they did not use.


Record Your Notes on the Extras: