Project 12: Electric Cars Part 3 (Time 1-3 Hours per test drive)

Part 3: Test Drive Assignment (5 points each)(up to 3):

Go to local dealers and do a test drive on an electric vehicle:

Pretend you are a potential buyer in the future. Do not tell them you are doing a project. (Resist their sales talk and resist any bait and switch tactics).


Ask for the sales person with the most knowledge of the electric and who is a fan of the electric option.

Ask if they will let you drive it on the highway, like one of the beltways (Do Not speed) and compare it to driving on a street with traffic lights.


Ask to take home literature they have.


Ask questions about the vehicles, especially the batteries and warranty.


1.    the VOLT at a Chevrolet Dealer

On the VOLT ask them how the gasoline engine works. Is it a regular gas powered internal combustion engine. Does it charge the batteries as you drive? Does it get the full federal tax credit?


At the Chevrolet Dealer tell them you heard or read something in  the newspaper about their new 2016 or 2017 BOLT?


Ask them if there is a second generation VOLT coming with more battery power and driving range this year or next.


2.    the LEAF at a Nissan dealer (Coggin at Atlantic & 295 East Beltway has the LEAF).

On the LEAF ask them about a second generation LEAF that you think you read about in the newspaper which has more driving range coming out this year or next.

Ask them about charging options. Do you have to have a 220 volt charging station at your home? What about the super charger over 400 volts and do they have one at the dealership and what would it cost for you to drive in a charge your car almost out of power. Are there other charging stations in town. What about a trickle charge (110 volt)

Ask about charging time.

3.    Hybrid Electric (two vehicles for 5 points) my suggestion is to Compare the present 2016 Prius versus the 2015 Plug-in Prius and the new Plug-in Prius Prime coming November 2016. Write up the differences. The Plug-in 1st generation is available only in 7 states, but Toyota announced the second generation IN LATE 2016 WILL BE AVAILABLE IN ALL 50 STATES.

Compare the current gas-hybrid to the new Plug-in Prius coming. Ask if they have literature on the new Plug-in.


How fast can you drive in EV mode with the current hybrid and what is the range versus the new plug-in coming.


If you choose to do a hybrid from one of the other auto manufactures, then you need to do a comparison of their vehicle with the leading selling hybrid: the Prius. Compare All Hybrids
Compare All Pure Electrics

Test drive both the Prius versus other company’s hybrid! (counts as one test drive to the all electric above)


4.    Write up a report of your test drive and send it as an attachment to an email.


 You will also post it in Blackboard (Journal or Blog) to be shared with the class.


 In addition to the nuts & bolts, your opinions count. They may be positive or negative or some of both.


This is your report that you spent your time to see this product and these are your opinions. (I know as students, cost is a serious factor making this choice not possible, but maybe in the future.)