Project 19: Prescription Drugs (optional) (Chapter 14)(5 Points)


Read: Chapter 14: Medicinal Chemistry


Then watch the Chapter 14 videos:

Chapter 14: Medicinal Chemistry
14.1 Medicines Are Drugs That Benefit the Body
14.2 The Lock-and-Key Model Guides the  Synthesis New Medicines
14.3 Chemotherapy Cures the Host by  use the terminaoKilling the Disease
14.4 The Nervous System Is a Network of Neurons
14.5 Psychoactive Drugs Alter the Mind or Behavior
14.6 Pain Relievers Inhibit the Transmission or Perception of Pain
14.7 Medicines for the Heart



  1. In conjunction with Chapters 12, 13, and 14, plus the supplemental chapter: Drugs: Chemical Cures, Comforts, and Cautions, the student will select a prescription drug to analyze.


  1. The student will consult a PDR in the library. (OR)The student may use the Poop sheet provided with the drug.


             alt = "personalized medicine"


  1. The student should select a drug of interest, or one prescribed by a doctor for the student to take.


  1. The student should include the chemical names, generic names, etc. in a one page review


  1. . The student should consult at least three pharmacies to find the average price as well as an online pharmacy, plus compare the Name Brand versus Generic prices.


  1.  What would the drug cost in Canada?


  1. The student will describe what the drug is suppose to do for the patient and for what condition. From Chapter 14 use the terminology what it does chemically.


  1. The student will close the paper with the precautions and side effects which may be experienced by the patient.


  1. Paper should be submitted as an attachment to an email.