FSCJ CHM 1025C Official Learning Outcomes:


1.     Demonstrate knowledge of scientific method.
Outcome #1 above is a major purpose for you to understand and learn in this course or any science course you take. The district science faculty developed a set of questions for you to answer to be an artifact demonstrating your ability to understand the scientific method. This general education document was aimed at formal lab courses and for you to complete this document based on a specific laboratory experiment performed in the lab

           FSCJ Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning Questions


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CHM 1020 Project #1: Andromeda Strain Movie Project

Directions:   Answer the following questions with respect to the Andromeda Strain Movie show in our lab.

1.    What is the problem or question to be solved?



b.     The overall problem



c.     One Specific incidence: In one scene the scientist tested a live white rat whose cage was connected to a cage with a dead rat. What was the problem they were testing for and how did they conduct the test



2.       How was the problem solved?

a.      What is the hypothesis (or hypothesi) that was (were) tested?

       1. The Overall Problem




       2. The Specific lab test






b.      What are the variables that were used?

       1. The Overall Problem (there are many)