FSCJ CHM 1025C Official Learning Outcomes:


1.     Demonstrate knowledge of scientific method.
Outcome #1 above is a major purpose for you to understand and learn in this course or any science course you take. The district science faculty developed a set of questions for you to answer to be an artifact demonstrating your ability to understand the scientific method. This general education document was aimed at formal lab courses and for you to complete this document based on a specific laboratory experiment performed in the lab

FSCJ Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning Rubric

*Updated 10/2010









Identifies a problem

Student recognizes / categorizes a problem and is aware of how to approach the problem.


Student can recognize and/or categorizes a problem but is unaware of how to approach the problem.

Student is unable to identify the nature of the problem.





Formulates or translates the problem

Student translates the problem into appropriate mathematical language or generates a scientific hypothesis.

Student partially translates the problem into mathematical language or generates a scientific hypothesis.

Student cannot translate the problem into mathematical language or generate a scientific hypothesis.





Solves the problem

Student correctly solves the formulated problem.


Student attempts to solve the formulated problem.

Student does not know how to start solving the problem.





Interprets data and draws conclusions from the data

Student draws a valid conclusion based on correct interpretation of the data.


Student draws incomplete or partially valid conclusions based on the data.

Student is unable to draw any conclusions from the data.





Uses appropriate technology to analyze data and/or solve a problem


Student analyzes data and/or solve the problem using the appropriate technology.

Student analyzes data and/or solves the problem without using technology appropriately.

Student does not use appropriate technology.