Video Clips from  Nat Geo’s Naked Science Series

Birth of the Universe - Space - How was the Universe Created?

Video Description:
Our Universe Unimaginably vast and inspiringly beautiful, from billions of galaxies and unaccountable stars, to our solar system, the Plant Earth, the air we breathe, even our bodies-where did it all come from?  We travel through space and time to reveal the amazing story of how the universe was born, how it created everything in our world, and eventually how it will die. What is the Big Bang? How do we know it happened? After 14 billion years the universe has only really got started. We have a complex cosmos with life on earth. But How will the Universe die? This is the incredible story of the universe from creation to destruction. We take you on the amazing journey through the deepest depths of space and dive into the centre of an atom to reveal that we are cosmic individuals.

Clip #1: (0:00-4:00)   Intro Age of Atoms

Clip #2: (4:00-5:10)   Edwin Hubble in the 1920s  noted that the Universe is Expanding

Clip #3: (5:10-6:54)   Size Expanding After Big Bang

Clip #4: (6:55-8:18)   Universe was Pure Energy  E=mc2
  Matter/Antimatter Baby Universe created Matter
                                     and Antimatter

Clip #5: (8:18-9:29)   Annihilation Matter/Antimatter
                                     100,000,001 to 100,000, 000

Clip #6: (9:30-12:55)   Brookhaven Collider-Universe was Pure Liquid

Clip #7: (12:56-13:55)  After 3 minutes cooled to allow Protons and Neutrons to bond, then 300,000 years no atoms