CHM 1025C Tentative Grading Sheet Fall 2015

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Exam Outline: North Campus (Hein 14th )


Module 4ii: Answers Language of Chemistry/Chemical Bonds (Chapter 6)

C. _____(02) Binary Molecular(Covalent) Compounds-Section 6.4 Answers ac

D _____(02) Binary Ionic Compounds-Section 6.4 Answers

E. _____(05) Polyatomic Ions-Section section 6.5 Answers e

F. _____(05) Ternary Ionic Compounds-Section 6.5 Answers f

G. _____(02) Binary Acids/ Ternary Oxyacids-Section 6.6 Answers g

H. _____(04) Inorganic Compounds 6.4-6.6 Answers h

_______(20) Module 4ii Total (Eighth Exam)


Foundations of College Chemistry, 14th Edition

Table of Content
Chapter 6 Nomenclature of Inorganic Compounds 98

6.1 Common and Systematic Names 99

6.2 Elements and Ions 100

6.3 Writing Formulas from Names of Ionic Compounds 103

6.4 Naming Binary Compounds 105

6.5 Naming Compounds Containing Polyatomic Ions 109

6.6 Acids 111

Review 114

Review Questions 115

Paired Exercises 116

Additional Exercises 117

Challenge Exercise, Answers to Practice Exercises 118

Chapters 56 review 119


Online Names & Formulas Homework 2 points Each

D: Binary Ionic Name Hmwk
D1. Binary Ionic Formulas
E: Polyatomic Ion Names Hmwk
E1: Polyatomic Ion Formulas Hmwk
F: Ternary Ionic Name Hmwk
F1. Ternary Ionic Formulas
G: Binary/Ternary Acid Name Hmwk
G1. Acid Formulas