CHM 1025C   Tentative Grading Sheet   Fall 2015

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Exam Outline: North Campus (Hein 14th )


 Module 5ii: Chemical Equations & Stoichiometry (Chapter 7)

A.______(02) Molecular Mass Calculation-Section7.2 Answers a

B.______(02) Mole Calculations I-Sections 7.1 Answers

B1._____(02) Mole Calculations II-Sections  7.1 Answers bcd

C.______(02) Percentage Composition Calculation-Section 7.3 Answers bcd

D.______(02) Empirical Formula Calc. from % Comp-Section 7.4 Answers bcd

D1._____(02) Empirical Formula Calc. from Lab Data-Section 7.5 Answers bcd

______(12) Total  (Tenth Exam)


Foundations of College Chemistry, 14th Edition

Table of Contents

Chapter 7  Quantitative Composition of Compounds 121

7.1 The Mole 122

7.2 Molar Mass of Compounds 126

7.3 Percent Composition of Compounds 129

7.4 Calculating Empirical Formulas 133

7.5 Calculating the Molecular Formula from the Empirical Formula 135

Review 138

Review Questions, Paired Exercises 139

Additional Exercises 141

Challenge Exercises, Answers to Practice Exercises 142