CHM 1025C   Tentative Grading Sheet   Spring 2017


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Exam Outline: North Campus (Corwin 7th)  


Module One: Matter and States of Matter (Chapters 1 & 3)

A. _____ Matter Chart- Section 3.2 p68 Fig 3.2  Answers

A1.____  Matter Chart Applications Section 3.2 p68-69 See Practice/Concept Exercises Answers

B. _____ Element-Symbol- Section 3.3 p72 Table 3.3  Answers                  Fig 3.4 Tabl 3.2

B1._____Element Identification Homework/Mixer (Click on Element for Answer)

C. _____Element Classification- Section 3.4 p73 Fig 3.5  Answer

C1.____ Compounds and Chemical Formulas Section 3.5  Answers

_______ Module 1i (~First Exam)


D1,____  Chemical and Physical Properties Section 3.6 Answers

D. _____ Chemical/Physical/Nuclear Change Sec 3.7 Answers Fig 3.1 Fig 3.6 Fig 3.11 Fig 3.12

E. _____ Forms of Energy Sec 3.9/10 p97 Answers Fig 3.13 Fig 3.14 Fig 3.15 Fig 3.16

E1.____  Energy Transformations Section 3.10 p89-90 See Practice/Concept Exercise Answers

F. _____ Phase Diagram (From Lecture) Sect 3.1 p65 Answers

F1.____  Phase Diagram Applications

_______ Module 1ii (~Second Exam)


M-1 Required Homework:

B1.______ Online or Hard Copy Flash Cards Element Homework

 M. _____Blackboard Module 1 Online  Multiple Choice Exam (Matter) Chap 1&3


Module Two: ChemMath and Measurement (Chapters PSS & 2) 

A. _____Significant Figures- Section PSS.2  Answers

B. _____Round Off/Math of Significant Figures- Section PSS.2 Answers     

C. _____Scientific Notation  Section PSS.6 Answers

D. _____Metric Basic Units /Numerical Prefixes- Section 2.1Table 2.1 2.2 Answers

E. _____Metric System Conversion Factors- Section 2.2-2.3Answers

_______ Module 2i (~Third Exam)


F. _____ Unit Analysis Sections 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 Answers Pretest #2 Ans2 Online Site

G. ____  Temperature Conversion Section 2.9 Answers                               

H. _____ Density/Specific Gravity/Volume Calculations Section 2.6-2.7-2.8 Answers hi

I.  _____  Specific Heat Calculation/Ice Cube Problem Section 2.10  Answers hi

_______Module 2ii (~Fourth Exam)


M-2 Required Homework:

M  _____Blackboard Module 2 Online Multiple Choice Exam (Measurement) Chapter PSS & 2

 G1. _____ (30) Critical Thinking Project (Submit just after Spring Break)

 P1  _____ (60) Gasoline Project (Submit last week of class) Sample Table










Module Three: Atomic Theory & The Periodic Chart (Chapter 4 ,5)

A. _____  Atomic Notation-Section 4.4 Answers

B. _____  Electron Configuration-Sections 4.9, 4.10 Answers

C. _____  Orbitals / Subshells of the Periodic Table-Section 5.6 Answer

C1. ____  Spectroscopic Notation from Periodic Chart Section 5.6  Answer

_______ Module 3i (~Fifth Exam)


D. _____  Electron Dot Structures-Section  5.8 Answers

E. _____  e-1 Configuration of Ions-Section 5.10  Answers                               

F. _____  Periodic Ionic Character-Section 5.10 Answers

P. _____  Periodic Chart Identifications – Chapter 5 Answer

_______ Module 3ii (~Sixth Exam)


M-3 Required Homework:

 M.  ______ Blackboard Module 3 Multiple Choice (MC) 


Module Four: Answers Language of Chemistry/Chemical Bonds(Chapter 12, 6)

A. _____Bond Recognition/Compound Classification-Sections  6.1, 12.1-12.3 Answers ac

B. _____Dot Structures of Molecules-Section 12.4, 12.5 Answers

C. _____Binary Molecular(Covalent) Compounds-Section 6.7 Answers ac

G. _____Binary Acids/ Ternary Oxyacids-Section 6.8,6.9 Answers g         

H. _____Inorganic Compounds 6.2-6.9 Answers h

______ Module 4ii (~Eighth Exam)


D  _____Binary Ionic Compounds-Section 6.2, 6.5  Answers                                               

E. _____Polyatomic Ions-Section – Section 6.3, 6.6  Answers e                                                     

F. _____Ternary Ionic Compounds-Section 6.3, 6.6  Answers f                               

_______Module 4i (~Seventh Exam)


M-4 Required Homework/Quiz:

M. ______ Blackboard Module 4 Multiple Choice (MC) 

 N. ______ Online Names/Formulas Homework Lab (Submit separate Goldenrod form on ExamM4ii Day)

                         D: Binary Ionic Name Hmwk
                         D1. Binary Ionic Formulas
                         E: Polyatomic Ion Names Hmwk
                         E1: Polyatomic Ion Formulas Hmwk
                         F: Ternary Ionic Name Hmwk
                         F1. Ternary Ionic Formulas
                         G: Binary/Ternary Acid Name Hmwk
                         G1. Acid Formulas
                         C: Binary Molecular Cpd Hmwk
                         C1. Binary Molecular Formulas Hmwk
                         H: Inorganic Cpd Name Hmwk
                         H1. Inorganic Cpd Formulas Hmwk

P.  ________ Polyatomic Ions Flash Card or Progressive Polyatomic ion online Homework
P1.________ Corwin Polyatomic ion Quiz (Table 6.3 Page 168)

P2 _______ Polyatomic Ions Progressive Test#1   Required List

P3 _______ Polyatomic Ions Progressive Test#2   Required List

P4 _______ Polyatomic Ions Progressive Test#3   Required List

B1._______ Dot Structure Lab Data Pages    









Module Five Part i:Chemical Equations & Stoichiometry (Chap 7)

E._____ Writing Reactions/ Symbols-Section 7.2  Answers

E1.____ Classifying Chemical Reactions- Section 7.4 Answers

F._____ Balancing Chemical Equations -Sections 7.2-7.3 Answers ef

G._____ Predicting Single Replacement Products . Sections 7.7-7.8 Answers

H._____ Predict Double Replacement Sections 7.9, 7.10 Answers h

H1____  Neutralization/Gas Forming Reactions Section 7.11 Lecture Answers

______Module 5i (~Ninth Exam)


M-5i Required Homework:

M. ______Blackboard Module 5i Online Multiple Choice (MC) Chapter 7


Module Five Part II: Chemical Equations & Stoichiometry (Chap 8)

A._____ Molecular Mass Calculation-Section8.3 Answers a

B._____ Mole Calculations I-Sections 8.2 Answers bcd

B1.____ Mole Calculations II-Sections  8.4 Answers bcd

C._____ Percentage Composition Calculation-Section 8.7 Answers bcd

D._____ Empirical Formula Calc. from % Comp-Section 8.8 Answers bcd

D1.____ Empirical Formula Calc. from Lab Data-Section 8.8 Answers bcd

______Module 5ii (~Tenth Exam)

M-5i Required Homework:

M._____Blackboard Module 5ii Online Multiple Choice Chapter 8


Module Five Part iii: Chemical Equations & Stoichiometry (Chap 9)

I.______ Mole-Mole Problems Answers ij

J.______ Mass-Mass Stoichiometric Problems-Answers ij

L._____  Excess/Limiting Reagent Problems-Answers kl

______(~Eleventh Exam)


M-5iii Required Homework:

M.______Blackboard Module 5ii Online Multiple Choice (MC)


Module Six: The Gaseous State (Chapter 10)

A1._____Properties of Solids (11.4), Liquids(11.1), and Gases 10.1 Answers

A._____  Kinetic Molecular Theory-Section 10.10 page299  Answers a

B._____  Discussion Real vs Ideal Gas Equation-Sect 10.10 Answer bc

C._____­ Standard Conditions/Molar Volume-Sect 8.5 Answer bc

D._____ Gas Laws/Vocabulary-Sections 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 Answers

E._____ Gas Law Problems- Sections 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 Answers

F. ____  Volume-Volume Stoichiometry Problem-Section 9.6 Answers fg

G._____Mass-Volume Stoichiometry Problem-Section 9.5 Answers fg

H._____Density (STP & Other Conditions) Section 8.5/10.10 Answers

______Module 6 (~Twelfth Exam)


M-6 Required Homework:

 M.______Blackboard Module 6 Online Multiple Choice (MC)







Module Eight: Solutions/Oxidation & Reduction (Chapter 12, 13, 14 & 17)

A. _____ Solution Properties-From Lecture Answers

B. _____Factors Affecting Rate of Dissolving-Sec 13.1, 13.2, 13.5, 13.6  & From Lecture Answers

C. _____Writing Ionization Reactions acids/salts Sect 14.10, 14.11+ lecture Answers

D. _____Solution Preparation Problems-Section 13.8, 13.9 Answers

E. _____Solution Dilution Problems-Section Sect 13.10 Answers

F. _____Solution Reaction Problems-Section 13.11 Answers

_______ Module 8i (~Thirteenth Exam)


G. _____Rewrite Equations Ionically –Section 14.11 Answers

H. _____Redox Equations-Sections-Section 17.2—17.4 Answers

L.  _____pH calculations-Section 14.8, 14.9 Answers

_________Module 8ii (~Fourteenth Exam) Chapter 13,14,17


M-8 Required Homework:

M.  ______Blackboard Module 8 Online Multiple Choice (MC)

G2. ______Hard Copy (Acid Media) Writing Net Ionic Reactions Homework (Sect 14.11)

H1. ______Hardcopy REDOX Homework PreLab Required) (10 equations 8A-7B)

H2. ______(48) 12 rounds in Lab

H3. ______Hardcopy REDOX Homework Post Lab Required) (10 equations 8A-7B)


M-8 Extra Credit:

G3. ______ Hard Copy (Basic Media) Writing Net Ionic Reactions Homework (Sect 14.11)

H2. ______Hardcopy Redox Homework Post Lab Optional) (12 equations 5A-5B-2N)

H3. ______Hardcopy Redox Homework Post Lab Optional) (Bonus Challenge)

                           Acid Media         Basic Media           Bonus Challenge


Module Four Part iii: Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure (Chapters 12)

L.  ____  Bond Angles/Bond Lengths-Section 12.10 Answers

N. ____  Geometry of Molecules-Section 12.10 Answers

O. ____  Polarity of Molecules-Section 12.6 Answers

______Total (~Fourteenth Exam) Chapter 12

Mii. ____  Blackboard Module 4iii Online Multiple Choice Exam-Chapters 12


M-4iii Required Homework:

  ______Blackboard Module 4iii Online Multiple Choice (MC)


Optional Module 15: Nuclear Chemistry (chapter 18) 

A: ______Balancing Nuclear Reactions Section 18.1-18.2                 

B: ______Types of Nuclear Reactions  18.1-18.2                   

C: ______Half Life Calculation18.4                                 

D: ______Decay Series18.3                                             

E: ______Discussion Question Chapter 18                                           

______ Module 15 (~Fifteenth Exam)


M-15 Required Homework:

______Blackboard Module 15 Online Multiple Choice (MC)








Module 16: Organic Chemistry (Chapter 19)

 A. ______Alkane Series Section 19.2 p552 Table 19.1 p 552 Answers

B. ______ Alkyl Radicals Section 19.2 p554-5 Table 19.2 p 555 Answers
C. ______
Structural Isomer Problem Section 19.2 553-555

D. ______ Recognition of 1o, 2o, 3o, 4o carbons & 1o, 2o, 3o hydrogen (Lecture) Answers
E. ______
Nomenclature of Alkanes and Cycloalkanes Section 19.2-9 p555-574 Answers
F. ______
Functional Group Recognition Section 19.5 Fig19.3-4 p563 Answers
    _______Module 16 (~fifteenth exam) Chapter 19


Optional M-16 Required Homework:

Take-Home Part C Structural Isomer Number Problems

    ______ Structural Isomer Take-Home Problem #1 C6H14  (makeup-See #7)

    ______ Structural Isomer Take-Home  Problem #2 C7H16  (makeup C8H18)

    ______ Structural Isomer Take-Home Problem #3 C5H11Br (makeup C6H13Br)

    ______ Structural Isomer Take-Home Problem #4 C4H8Br2 (makeup C5H10Br2)          

    ______ Structural Isomer Take-Home Problem #5 C6H12 Cycloalkanes only (makeup C7H14)

    ______ Structural Isomer Take-Home Problem #6 C6H12 Alkenes only (makeup C7H14)

    ______ Makeup Structural Isomer Take-Home Problem C4H10O   Alcohols & Ethers

________Module 16 Structural Isomer Lab (Chapter 19)


Required Homework:


  M. ______Blackboard Module 16 Online Multiple Choice (MC)




Final Exam:


Final-Online (100 questions)                            _____  0(50 Points)


Final Exam-In Class (100 questions)              _____  (100 Points)


ACS Toledo or California Placement Test      _____ (030 Points)