Energy Project: Gasoline Demand (required lab): (60 points)


   During the first two weeks of class you need to fill your gasoline tank in your car. During course you will keep a record of all purchases of gasoline noting dates, price, amount, cost and odometer reading. Get receipts or keep a diary in your vehicle. Then transfer each purchase to page in your lab notebook.


During the last two weeks, you fill your tank again and record the data. You will determine:

      a. The Total Miles driven; the Total Gallons Used; the Total Cost.

  1. Then you will compute the average MPG and the average cost per mile for the gasoline.
  2. You will also calculate your average daily mileage. How many times did you exceed 75 miles in one day?
  3. What is your annual mileage, your projected annual need for gasoline and what will be annual cost at $2.00 per gallon; $2.50 per gallon; $3.00 per gallon; $3.50 per gallon; $4.00 per gallon; $4.50 per gallon; and $5.00 per gallon.

e The instructor may add additional data for you to determine to complete this project.


These calculations should be done in your lab notebook, but the spreadsheet may either be hand drawn in your lab notebook or done on the computer.


You need to only fill the tank twice, at the beginning and at the end of the project. You will not use the first fill-up in your calculations. Why?


If you do not drive or own a vehicle and can not get cooperation from your family, the instructor will assigned an alternate energy demand project