Module 2 Pretest Homework Packet


Part F: Unit Analysis Problems        10 points (Work any10)

Apply the unit analysis method of problem solving to each of the following (setup statement 1 pt, unit analysis setup 3 pts, answer 1 pt with its proper unit)( If greater than three significant figures round off to three significant figures):


Problem 1

 An oxygen molecule travels 975 mi/hr at room temperature. There are 5280 ft = 1 mi; 12 in = 1 ft, 2.54 cm = 1 in, 1.6 km = 1 mi, and 3600 sec = 1 hr. What is the velocity in meters per second?

Problem 2

 If one gram is equal to 15.4 grains. How many 5.00 grain aspirin tablets may be made from 1.00 kilogram of aspirin?

Problem 3

 A parsec is the distance light travels in 3.26 years. Given the velocity of light, 3.00 x 108 m/sec, how many kilometers does light travel in one parsec?

Problem 4

 I have 1400 radio programs I want to put on an Apple Ipod. Each program requires 5 megabytes of disk space. If there are 1024 megabytes in a gigabyte. How many gigabytes of disk space do I need minimum to store all my programs on the IPod. The Mini-Ipod holds only 4 gigabytes of recordings, could I use a mini for my project?




Find the mass in grains of a 325 milligram aspirin tablet.
(Given: 1.00 g = 15.4 grains)





Insurance statistics state that a person loses 8 minutes of average life for each cigarette smoked. If there are 20 cigarettes in a pack and the average cost of cigarette is $5.00 per pack over the next 25 years, how many years of average life would a person lose for smoking 1.5 packs a day for 25 years?






What is the density of water in lb/ft3, if the density of water at 25oC is 1.00 g/ml?
[Hint: There are 2.54 cm = 1 in (or 16.48 cm3 = 1 in3); 454 g = 1 lb ]





Calculate the velocity of a car traveling car traveling 65 miles/hr in ft/sec.

How many milligrams does a 0.750 carat diamond weigh?
(Hint: 1 carat = 0.200 g)




Diamond has a density of 3.513 g/cm3. The mass of a diamond is often measured in carats, 1 carat equaling 0.200 g. What is the volume of a 1.50 carat diamond?




Liquor used to be sold in fifths. A fifth is one fifth of a gallon. A gallon is 128 fluid ounces. Today liquor is sold in bottle sizes of 750 ml to equate to the old fifth. If there are 946 ml in a quart, calculate the number of milliliters in a fifth. How many milliliters difference is there in the bottling?












Additional Homework  (not required) for your practice:

Corwin 7th edition:

Page 59:  #19 - #26

Problem 12

1. On July 23, 1983 Air Canada Flight 143, flying at 26,000 feet from Montreal to Edmonton, ran out of fuel because the first officer ask the mechanic for the conversion factor of mass to volume at Montreal. The mechanic gave the first officer the answer 1.77 with no units. The plane had 7682 L of fuel at Montreal. The pilot knew he needed 22,300 kg of fuel to make the trip. The mechanic's answer of 1.77 was pounds per liter not kilograms per liter caused the error such that only 4917 L of fuel was added. If there are 2.205 pounds in a kilogram, how many liters of fuel were needed for the trip? How many liters minimum of fuel should have been added at Montreal before takeoff?








Problem 13

Before 1982 the US Mint cast penny coins from an alloy of copper and zinc. A 1980 Penny weighs 3.051 g and contains 2.898 g of pure copper. In 1982 the US Mint stopped making copper pennies, because the price of copper was worth more than the penny. The post 1982 penny contains only a layer of copper over zinc. A 1990 penny weighs 2.554 g and contains 2.490 g of zinc. If the mint melted down one pound of 1980 pennies, how many 1990 pennies can be made from the total copper from the 1980 pennies?






Problems 14

An Olympic size swimming pool is 50.0 m long and 25.0 m wide. How many gallons of water ( d = 1.0g/mL )are needed to fill the pool to an average depth of 5.5 feet.





Problem 15

A furniture factory needs 29.5 ft2 of fabric to upholster one chair. A Europen supplier sends the fabric in bolts of exactly 200 m2. What is the maximum number of chairs that can be upholstered by three bolts of fabric. Hint: 1 m - 3.281 ft)?





Problem 16

My throw away car gets 23.4 mi/gal and hold 70.1 L of gasoline. How far can I drive on a tankful of gas?



If gas cost $3.49/gal; how much does a tankful of gas cost?



If the average speed on a trip is 92.2 km/hr, How many hours may I drive the car on the trip before I run out of gas?