Module 2 Pretest Homework Packet


Part G Temperature Conversion     5 points


The general formula for the conversion of temperatures on scale X to temperatures on scale Y is:

                          oY   =     Y units/ x units ( oX - RPx)   +   RPy


1.Write the formula for the conversion of Fahrenheit to Celsius:





2. Write the formula for the conversion of Kelvin to Celsius:





3. convert -196oC to oF







4. convert -196oC to K





5. The Rankin scale uses a Fahrenheit unit, but assumes zero to be absolute zero.  If absolute zero on the Kelvin scale is zero and on Celsius scale is -273oC, calculate absolute zero on the Fahrenheit scale, then estimate the Freezing point of water on the Rankin scale. (The BP water=212 oF=100 oC=373K)










Additional Homework  (not required) for your practice:

Corwin 7th edition:

Page 60:  #59 - #66