Module 2 Pretest Homework Packet


Module Two-Part H: Density, Specific Gravity & Volume Problems  5 points


1. A quartz rock was cut into a rectangular solid paperweight.  IF the paperweight has a mass of 165 g and measures 5.00 cm by 5.00 cm by 25.0 mm, what is its volume in cubic centimeters?









2.  Calculate the density in g/mL for   10.0 grams of ethyl ether having a volume 14.0 mL.






Additional Homework  (not required) for your practice:

Corwin 7th edition:

Page 60:  #43-#46; #47 - #58


Part I: Heat and Specific Heat                      5 points


  1. Find the specific heat of gold if 25.0 cal is required to heat 30.0 g of gold from 27.7 oC to 54.9 oC.










  1. Calculate the heat required to raise to raise 25.0 g of iron (sp Heat=0.108 cal/g ∙ oC) from 25.0 oC to 50.0 oC.