CHM 1025C

Module Five-Part E: Basic Stoichiometry Definitions 10 points


Fill in the following with the symbols used in chemical equations which has the stated translation or meaning(s) (Section 7.2 Table 7.1 page 191 Corwin 7th )::


_________1. Produces, yields, gives



_________2. Reacts with, added to, plus



_________ and _________ 3. Solid substance or precipitate forms



_________and _________4. Gaseous substance formed



_________5. Liquid Substance



________5a. Water or aqueous solution



_________6. Reversible Reaction



_________7. No Reaction




8. Show the symbol for heat:__________



9. How would you show a catalyst in a chemical reaction where A plus B forms products D and E, but is catalyzed by substance C



A + B D + E


10. Define Catalyst (See Section 7.2 page 191)



Reference: Chapter 7 Corwin 7th Section 7.2 See Table 7.1 page 191