CHM1032C Grading Outline

Chapter 6 Chemical Reactions: Moles and Mass Relationships

A._____(02) Molecular Mass Calculation-Section6.1 Answers a

B._____(02) Mole Calculations I-Sections 6.2 Answers bcd

B1._____(02) Mole Calculations II-Sections  6.2 Answers bcd

C._____(02) Percentage Composition Calculation-Lecture Answers bcd

D._____(02) Empirical Formula Calc. from % Comp-Lecture Answers bcd

D1._____(02) Empirical Formula Calc. from Lab Data-Lecture Answers bcd

I.______(02) Mole-Mole Problems Section 6.3  Answers ij

J._____ (02) Mass-Mass Stoichiometric Problems-Section 6.4 Answers ij

K._____(02) Excess/Limiting Reagent ProblemsSection 6.5 -Answers kl

L._____(02) Percent Yield-Section 6.5 Answers

______(20)  Chapter 6 Total  


Chapter 6. Chemical Reactions:  Mole and Mass Relationships Table Contents
6.1 The Mole and Avogadro’s Number M-5B
6.2 Gram—Mole ConversionsM-5A/B1
6.3 Mole Relationships and Chemical Equations M-5I
6.4 Mass Relationships and Chemical EquationsM-5J
6.5 Limiting Reagent and Percent Yield M-5K