CHM 2045C         Module 4i                       Grading Outline

Module Four Part I:  Language of Chemistry/Chemical Bonds

Assignment Outline

Module 4i Homework Packet Values:

A. _____(03) Bond Recognition/Compound Classification-Sections 2.8 Answers

B. _____(00*) Dot Structures of Molecules-Section 8.7  Answers          

C. _____(03) Binary Molecular(Covalent) Compounds-Section 2.8 Answers 

D  _____(03) Binary Ionic Compounds-Section  2.5-2.6 Answers                                              

E. _____(02) Polyatomic Ions-Section 2.5-2.6  Answers e                                                         

F. _____(03) Ternary Ionic Compounds-Section 2.5-2.6 Answers f                                           

G. _____(03) Binary Acids/ Ternary Oxyacids-lecture, 4.5  Answers g                                      

H. _____(06) Inorganic Compounds Section 2.8 p97-98 Answers h

_______(23) Total = ______%


M-4 Required Homework:

      _____ (23) M-4 Pretest Hardcopy Homework Packet

      ______(30) M-4 Multiple Choice (MC) Homework/Exam  (Blackboard Online)

      ______(10)  Polyatomic Ions Flash Card or Progressive Polyatomic ion online Homework

      ______(03)  Jespersen Polyion Test

      ______(10)  Polyatomic Ions Progressive Test (Best Score of three attempts) 
                        Required List

      _____  (20*)  Hard Copy Dot Structure Homework/Lab:

      Reference: Drag and Drop Interactive Online: B: Dot Structure of Molecules 

      ______(60) Online Names/Formulas Homework (Submit separate Goldenrod


Online Nomenclature Homework/Lab
C:  Binary Molecular Cpd Hmwk
C1. Binary Molecular Formulas Hmwk
D:  Binary Ionic Cpd Hmwk
D1. Binary Ionic Formulas
E:   Polyatomic Ion Names Hmwk
E1: Polyatomic Ion Formulas Hmwk
F:   Ternary Ionic Cpd Hmwk
F1. Ternary Ionic Formulas
G:   Binary/Ternary Acid Hmwk
G1. Acid Formulas
H:  Inorganic Cpd Hmwk
H1. Inorganic Cpd Formulas Hmw


 Module 4i Exam Values:

Module Four Exam: Answers Language of Chemistry/Chemical Bonds

A. _____(05) Bond Recognition/Compound Classification

D  _____(05) Binary Ionic Compounds                                                                                                   

E. _____(05) Polyatomic Ions-                                                                                                                           

F. _____(05) Ternary Ionic Compounds                                                                                      

C._____ (05) Binary Molecular

G._____ (05) Binary/Ternary Acids

H._____ (15) Inorganic Compounds

B._____ (15) Dot Structures of Molecules

_______(60) Total = ______%