Module 2 Pretest Homework Packet


Module Two-Part D2   Answers
Derived Units: Volume and Measurement             5 points

 Fill in the blank with the derived quantity and the Derived Units abbreviation as an example:


(1)   ___area_____ defines length times length with the abbreviation          __m2___


      (2) ___volume___ defines area times length with abbreviation                  __m3___


      (3) ___density___ defines mass per unit volume with an abbreviation       _kg/m3__                     

     (4) ___Velocity*_defines Distance per Unit of Time with an abbreviation:  _m/s___          


     (5) _Acceleration_ defines Change in Speed per unit of time; abbreviation _m/s2__


     (6) __Force_____  defines Mass times acceleration, with an abbreviation  _(kg m)/s2_


     (7) __Pressure___  defines force per unit area with an abbreviation         __lb/in2_***


    (8) __Energy**____defines force times distance moved, abbreviation:     _(kg m2)/s2_  


    (B1) _Molar Mass_ defines Mass per Quantity of a Compound               __g/mol__


   (B2)__Molarity____ defines the concentration of a solution as
                                         quantity of Solute per Volume of Solvent                    __

* or Speed     ** or Work   *** or kg/(m ∙ s2)