Chapter 6 Thermochemistry

6.1 Chemical Hand Warmers

6.2 The Nature of Energy: Key Definitions

·  Types of Energy

·  Energy Conservation and Energy Transfer

·  Units of Energy

6.3 The First Law of Thermodynamics: There Is No Free Lunch

·  Internal Energy

·  Chemistry in Your Day: Redheffer's Perpetual Motion Machine

·  Heat and Work

6.4 Quantifying Heat and Work

·  Heat

·  Work: Pressure–Volume Work

6.5 Measuring xx for Chemical Reactions: Constant-Volume Calorimetry

6.6 Enthalpy: The Heat Evolved in a Chemical Reaction at Constant Pressure

·  Exothermic and Endothermic Processes: A Molecular View

·  Stoichiometry Involving ΔH: Thermochemical Equations

6.7 Constant-Pressure Calorimetry: Measuring ΔH[Sub(rxn)]

6.8 Relationships Involving Δ[Sub(rxn)]

6.9 Determining Enthalpies of Reaction from Standard Enthalpies of Formation

·  Standard States and Standard Enthalpy Changes

·  Calculating the Standard Enthalpy Change for a Reaction

6.10 Energy Use and the Environment

·  Energy Consumption

·  Environmental Problems Associated with Fossil Fuel Use

·  Air Pollution

·  Global Climate Change

·  Chemistry in the Environment: Renewable Energy

CHAPTER IN REVIEW: Self-Assessment Quiz

·  Key Terms

·  Key Concepts

·  Key Equations and Relationships

·  Key Learning Outcomes

·  EXERCISES: Review Questions

·  Problems by Topic

·  Cumulative Problems

·  Challenge Problems

·  Conceptual Problems

·  Questions for Group Work

·  Data Interpretation and Analysis

·  Answers to Conceptual Connections