Chapter 7 The Quantum-Mechanical Model of the Atom

7.1 Schrödinger's Cat

7.2 The Nature of Light

·  The Wave Nature of Light

·  The Electromagnetic Spectrum

·  Chemistry and Medicine: Radiation Treatment for Cancer

·  Interference and Diffraction

·  The Particle Nature of Light

7.3 Atomic Spectroscopy and the Bohr Model

·  Chemistry in Your Day: Atomic Spectroscopy, a Bar Code for Atoms

7.4 The Wave Nature of Matter: The de Broglie Wavelength, the Uncertainty Principle, and Indetermina

·  The de Broglie Wavelength

·  The Uncertainty Principle

·  Indeterminacy and Probability Distribution Maps

7.5 Quantum Mechanics and the Atom

·  Solutions to the Schrödinger Equation for the Hydrogen Atom

·  Atomic Spectroscopy Explained

7.6 The Shapes of Atomic Orbitals

·  s Orbitals (l=0)

·  p Orbitals (l=1)

·  d Orbitals (l=2)

·  f Orbitals (l=3)

·  The Phase of Orbitals

·  The Shape of Atoms

CHAPTER IN REVIEW: Self-Assessment Quiz

·  Key Terms

·  Key Concepts

·  Key Equations and Relationships

·  Key Learning Outcomes

·  EXERCISES: Review Questions

·  Problems by Topic

·  Cumulative Problems

·  Challenge Problems

·  Conceptual Problems

·  Questions for Group Work

·  Data Interpretation and Analysis

·  Answers to Conceptual Connections