Chapter 9 Chemical Bonding I: The Lewis Model

9.1 Bonding Models and AIDS Drugs

9.2 Types of Chemical Bonds

9.3 Representing Valence Electrons with Dots

9.4 Ionic Bonding: Lewis Symbols and Lattice Energies

·  Ionic Bonding and Electron Transfer

·  Lattice Energy: The Rest of the Story

·  The Born–Haber Cycle

·  Trends in Lattice Energies: Ion Size

·  Trends in Lattice Energies: Ion Charge

·  Ionic Bonding: Models and Reality

·  Chemistry and Medicine: Ionic Compounds in Medicine

9.5 Covalent Bonding: Lewis Structures

·  Single Covalent Bonds

·  Double and Triple Covalent Bonds

·  Covalent Bonding: Models and Reality

9.6 Electronegativity and Bond Polarity

·  Electronegativity

·  Bond Polarity, Dipole Moment, and Percent Ionic Character

9.7 Lewis Structures of Molecular Compounds and Polyatomic Ions

·  Writing Lewis Structures for Molecular Compounds

·  Writing Lewis Structures for Polyatomic Ions

9.8 Resonance and Formal Charge

·  Resonance

·  Formal Charge

9.9 Exceptions to the Octet Rule: Odd-Electron Species, Incomplete Octets, and Expanded Octets

·  Odd-Electron Species

·  Incomplete Octets

·  Chemistry in the Environment: Free Radicals and the Atmospheric Vacuum Cleaner

·  Expanded Octets

 9.10 Bond Energies and Bond Lengths

·  Bond Energy

·  Using Average Bond Energies to Estimate Enthalpy Changes for Reactions

·  Bond Lengths

9.11 Bonding in Metals: The Electron Sea Model

·  Chemistry in the Environment: The Lewis Structure of Ozone

CHAPTER IN REVIEW: Self-Assessment Quiz

·  Key Terms

·  Key Concepts

·  Key Equations and Relationships

·  Key Learning Outcomes

·  EXERCISES: Review Questions

·  Problems by Topic

·  Cumulative Problems

·  Challenge Problems

·  Conceptual Problems

·  Questions for Group Work

·  Data Interpretation and Analysis

·  Answers to Conceptual Connections