CHM 2046C Grading Outline/Sample Test Summer 2015 Tentative-Jespersen Text 7th

CHM 2046C Module 4ii Paper & Pencil Homework Packet Grading Outline

Module Four Part II: Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure (Chapters 8-9)

B._____ (05) Lewis Dot/Stick Structure via Octet Rule Steric#s 2-3-4 Sect 8.3/8.7Answer

E._____ (01) Polyatomic Ions  Table 2.4 Page 85

L.  ____ (01) Bond Angles/Bond Lengths Steric#s 2-3-4 Section 9.2 Answers

N. ____  (01) Geometry of Molecules- Steric#s 2-3-4 Section 9.1-9.2  Answers

O. ____  (01) Polarity of Molecules- Steri #s 2-3-4 Section 8.6, 9.3 Answers

P. ____   (01) Hybrid Orbital Recognition Steric#s 2-3-4-Sect 9.5-6 Answers

______(10) Total

Module 4ii Homework Packet
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Please Note Sample Test May Have Different Chapter Reference as they refer to a previous text used in the course.


Also point values have been changed Summer Term 2015.


Wiley Plus Module 4 ii Online Reading/Lecture Site
Chapter 8  Reading No Points

Chapter 9  Reading No Points  Blackboard


Wiley Plus Module 4iii Grading Outline:
Chapter 8 
Assignment   no Points

Chapter 9 Assignment   no Points


Module 4ii Online Multiple Choice Exercises Blackboard (Chapter 8/9)

Module 4ii MC Homework  10 points

Module 4ii MC Exam             10 Points


Module 4ii Paper and Pencil Homework Packet 10 points

In-Class Module4ii Exam   10 points (Chapter 8/9) (See M4ii Homework Packet for Sample Test)


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