CHM 2046C Grading Outline/Sample Test Summer 2015 Tentative-Jespersen 7th

CHM 2046C Module 4iii Paper & Pencil Homework Packet Grading Outline


Module Four Part III: Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure (Chapters 8-9)

B1 _____(07) Lewis Dot/Stick Structures via Formal Charge Steric #2-#6 Section 8.7 Answers

L1. ____ (01) Bond Angles/Bond Lengths Steric #5&6-Section 9.2 Answers

N1. ____  (01) Geometry of Molecules-Steric #5&6 Section 9.1-9.2 Answers 

O1. ____  (01) Polarity of Molecules- Steric #5&6 Section 8.6, 9.3 Answers

P1. ____   (01) Hybrid Orbital Recognition Steric #5&6-Sect 9.5-6 Answers

Q. _____ (01) Formal Charge-Section 8.7 page 377-384 Answers

R. _____ (01) Resonance Structures  Section 8.8 Answers

S. _____ (01) Sigma/Pi Bonding Section 9.6 Answers

______(14) Total

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(B1 Answers missing)
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Please Note Sample Test May Have Different Chapter Reference as they refer to a previous text used in the course.


Also point values have been changed Summer Term 2015.


Wiley Plus Module 4 iii Online Reading/Lecture Site Blackboard

Chapter 9  Reading No Points


Wiley Plus Module 4iii Grading Outline Blackboard:
Chapter 9 Assignment   10 Points


Module 4iii Online Multiple Choice Exercises Blackboard

Module 4iii MC Homework  10 points

Module 4iii MC Exam            10 Points


Module 4iii Paper and Pencil Exam (In Class Week Two) (15-20 Points*)

Module4iii Paper and Pencil Homework   14 points (Chapter 8/9)

 (*See M4iii Homework Packet for Sample Test)


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