4px    4py    4pz
       3dxy    3dxz    3dyz    3dx2-y2    3dz2
  Chemist Shorthand:  [Ar18] 4s    3d    4p     
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Interactive e-1 Confguration Answers (Shockwave)
The total number of electrons represented is Spectroscopic Notation Table
Orbital Box Diagrams for Elements Ca through Zn                                       Electron Configurations and the Periodic Table Interactive Electron Configurations for Fourth Period Elements
*remember Taylor's d4 - 9 rule:   Never four or nine total d orbital electrons in an element except elements #41 (4), #74 (4), or #78 (9).

Atomic Orbital Details:

3s Orbital X-axis
3s Orbital Y-axis
3px Orbital X-axis
3px Orbital Y-axis
3py Orbital X-axis
3py Orbital Y-axis
3pz Orbital X-axis
3pz Orbital Y-axis
3dxy    Orbital X-axis
3dxz    Orbital X-axis
3dyz    Orbital X-axis
3dx2-y2 Orbital X-axis
3dz2     Orbital X-axis
3dxy    Orbital Y-axis
3dxz    Orbital Y-axis
3dyz    Orbital Y-axis
3dx2-y2 Orbital Y-axis
3dz2     Orbital Y-axis