e-1 Configuration Links

images courtesy of University of Vermont

Chem Mystery Site has some excellent screens. The distributions of electrons among the orbitals of an atom is the atom's electronic structure or electron configuration is shown on the first screen. The shapes of the s, p, and d orbitals are discussed. But there is no interactive pages--just good text like a text book.

Electron Configuration-via Chem Links Site shows filling sequences and discusses quantuum numbers.

Atomic Structure Text that discusses atomic theory from chemtutor.com

Periodic Table with Electron configurations in Chemist ShortHand

Interactive Electron Configuration Web Pages:

 Interactive e-1 Confguration Answers (Shockwave)      Electron Configurations and the Periodic Table    QuickTime Movie    Spectroscopic Notation Table

Atomic Orbital Details:
1s Orbital X-axis
1s Orbital Y-axis

2s Orbital X-axis
2s Orbital Y-axis

3s Orbital X-axis
3s Orbital Y-axis
2px Orbital X-axis
2px Orbital Y-axis
2py Orbital X-axis
2py Orbital Y-axis
2pz Orbital X-axis
2pz Orbital Y-axis
2px Orbital X-axis
3px Orbital Y-axis
3py Orbital X-axis
3py Orbital Y-axis
3pz Orbital X-axis
3pz Orbital Y-axis