LSI: Instructions for Beta Testing

Beta Testing by CHM 1020 Online Students Only within Blackboard

The learning styles inventory describes the way you learn and how you deal with ideas and day-to-day situations in your life. Below are 12 sentences with a choice of four endings. Rank the endings for each sentence according to how well you think each one fits wit how you would go about learning something. Try to recall some recent situations where you had to learn something new, perhaps in your job or at school. Then, using the space provided, rank a "4" for the sentence describing how you learn best, down to a "1" for the sentence ending that seems least like the way you would learn. Be sure to rank all the endings for each sentence unit. Please do not make ties.

Example of completed sentence set:

When I learn:

I am happy.

I am fast.

I am logical.

I am careful.

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1. When I learn:

I like to deal with my feelings

I like to watch and listen

I like to think about ideas

I like to be doing things
2. I learn best when:

I trust my hunches and feelings

I listen and watch carefully

I rely on logical thinking

I work hard to get things done
3. When I am learning:

I have strong feelings and reactions

I am quiet and reserved

I tend to reason things out

I am responsible about things
4. I learn by:




5. When I learn:

I am open to new experiences

I look at all sides of issues

I like to analyze things, break them down into their parts

I like to try things out
6. When I am learning:

I am an intuitive person

I am an observing person

I am a logical person

I am an active person
7. I learn best from:

personal relationships


rational theories

a chance to try out and practice
8. When I learn:

I feel personally involved in things

I take my time before acting

I like idea and theories

I like to see results from my work
9. When I am learning:

I rely on my feelings

I rely on my observations

I rely on my ideas

I can try things out for myself
10. When I am learning:

I am an accepting person

I am a reserved person

I am a rational person

I am a responsible person
11. When I learn:

I get involved

I like to observe

I evaluate things

I like to be active
12. I learn best when:

I am receptive and open-minded

I am careful

I analyze ideas

I am practical

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