ESC 1000LSpace Science Video Notes††Name: ____________


Please watch the following video series. Take notes on each of the chapters of the disk. When you are finished each chapter, write questions that a student should be able to answer if she/he viewed this disk. You should have at least two or more questions for each chapter. Then answer the question, what was a significant discovery you learned from each video disk?.

The fourth Space Science disc set(5 Discs) that the student may view is:

From the Earth to The Moon (1998) (HBO Films):

Originally broadcast in April and May of 1998, the epic miniseries From the Earth to the Moon was HBO's most expensive production to date, with a budget of $68 million. Hosted by executive producer Tom Hanks, the miniseries tackles the daunting challenge of chronicling the entire history of NASA's Apollo space program from 1961 to 1972. For the most part, it's a rousing success. Some passages are flatly chronological, awkwardly wedging an abundance of factual detail into a routine dramatic structure

. But each episode is devoted to a crucial aspect of the Apollo program. The cumulative effect is a deep and thorough appreciation of NASA's monumental achievement. With the help of a superlative cast, consistent writing, and a stable of talented directors, Hanks has shared his infectious enthusiasm for space exploration and the inspiring power of conquering the final frontier. NASA's complete participation in the production lends to its total authenticity, right down to the use of NASA equipment, launch locations, and even spacecraft. The re-creation of the lunar landscape is almost as impressive as the real thing and is further enhanced by the use of helium balloons to lighten the actors playing moon-walking astronauts. (These and other backstage details are revealed in the "making of" featurette, along with a wealth of supplemental materials, on a bonus disc in the miniseries' DVD package.) With a fictional, Walter Cronkite-like TV reporter (Lane Smith) serving as the dramatic link for all 12 episodes, this ambitious production may not be a great work of art. But as a generous and definitive example of nonfiction drama, it's full of the same kind of awe, inspiration, and humanity that led to "one giant leap" in the all-too-short history of 20th-century space exploration. --Jeff Shannon

Product Description

This 12-hour HBO miniseries created by Tom Hanks garnered 17 Emmy nominations and captivated audiences. From the early stages of the space program and Kennedy's 1961 call to reach the moon within a decade to the successes and heartbreaking failures of the race for space, the dream was kept alive by dedicated, daring professionals and a nation intent on reaching for -- and landing amid -- the stars, all while the world faced the Vietnam War.

Disc 1 Date Viewed: _____________

1. Can We do this?








2. Apollo One]




3. We Have Cleared the Tower












Disc 2 Date Viewed: _____________

4. 1968







5. Spider








6. Mare Tranquilitatis








Disc 3 Date Viewed: _____________
7. Thatís All There Is





8. We Interrupt This Program







9. For Miles and Miles







Disc 4 Date Viewed: ____________
10. Galileo Was Right






11. The Original Wives Club







12. Le Voyage Dans La Lune






Disc 5 (Bonus Features) Date Viewed: _______
1. Behind the scenes





2. Special Effects featurette





3. President John F. Kennedyís Historic Speech




4. Out of the Solar System




5. A Brief History of famous Astronomers





6. History of the Moon




7. Space Race





8. Six Original Promotional Trailers