Pathway 4 Chapter 1 Grading Outline

Part A: Significant Figures Answers
Part B:
Math with Significant Figures Answers
Part C.
Scientific Notation Answers
Part D.
Metric System & Metric Prefixes Answers
Part E.
Metric System Equivalences Answers
Part F.
Unit Analysis/Dimensional Analysis Answers Pretest #2 Ans2 Online Site
Part S. Scientific Method
Answers Problem Solving Answers
Part V. Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Part M. Multiple Choice (Blackboard - Course Content-Required Path 2 Quizzes Chapter 1)
Part Z. Conceptual Chemistry Spotlight: Chapter 1: Global Climate Change

Pathway 4 Required Projects (Chapter 1):

Project #2 Measurement via Gasoline Project (due August 19th)
Project #24. The Controlled Experiment Demonstration (due June 19th)