Corwin's 7th Edition Chapter 2: The Metric System

Section 2.1 Basic Units and Symbols Video Science Guy: Bill Nye
Conceptual Chemistry: Distiguishing Mass Weight and Volume Video

M-2 D Sample Test Answers

CRITICAL THINKING The International System of Measurement (SI)
Critical Thinking Project

Section 2.2 Metric Conversion Factors
M-2 E Sample Test Answers

Section 2.3 Metric—Metric Conversions (Unit Analysis Intro)
Conceptual Chemistry: Unit Conversions
Video 1
Video 2     Video 3
Video 4 One Dimension Conversion - Virtual Nerd
Video 5 Two Dimension Conversion - Virtual Nerd

Interactive Online Dimensinal Analysis Calculator-Taylor

Another Unit Analysis Web Site - Several Worked Examples(Fun ???)

Section 2.4 Metric—English Conversions
Metric-English/Metric-Metric Conversion Calculator



Section 2.5 The Percent Concept

Section 2.6 Volume by Calculation

Section 2.7 Volume by Displacement
Conceptual Chemistry: Kai and Maile: Decisive Dimensions
Measuring Volume by Displacement of Water-Video5th graders
Volume of Sand via Water Displacment Video

Section 2.8 The Density Concept
Eureka Video
Water and Density-The NFL Video
PBEarth Science Mass Volumen and Density Video
Conceptual Chemistry: Ways to Think about Density
Conceptual Chemistry: Water Density and Temperature

Section 2.9 Temperature
Conceptual Chemistry: How Not to Measure Temperature
Conceptual Chemistry: Thermometers Measure Temperature
Conceptual Chemistry: The Tailor of Temperature (oF oC K)

Interactive Temperature Conversion Web Site - Taylor

Section 2.10 The Heat Concept

Specific Heat Video Brightstorm
Specific Heat Capacity Explained Video
Teacher Tube - Specific Heat Video
More Teacher Tube - Specific Heat capacity
Specific Heat Animation Video
Conceptual Chemistry: Specific Heat Video


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