Pathway 4:
Chapter 3: Elements of Chemistry Grading Outline

Part A:   Chemical and Physical Properties Answers Section 3.1
Part A1:
Chemical and Physical Change   Answers  Section 3.1
Part B:  
Elements and Symbols  Answers  Section 3.2 
Part C:   
Element Classification   Answer  Section 3.3
Part D:   
Compounds and Chemical Formulas   Answers Section 3.4
Part E:  
Binary Molecular Compounds   Answers  Section 3.5
Part E1:
Polyatomic Ions   Answers  Section 3.5
Part E2  
Ternary Ionic Compounds   Answers Section 3.5
Part E3: Binary/Ternary Acids   Answers  See Study Guide/not in Chapter
Part F:  
Binary Ionic Compounds   Answers Section 3.5
Part G: 
Matter Chart  Answers  Section 3.7
Part P: 
Periodic Properties   Answer  Section 3.3